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We are equipped with the best diagnostics equipment and software for VW, Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Peugeot, Citroen and Dacia and more. The Autologic diagnostic software with the backup of our very own factory-trained Master Technicians allow us to work to the highest level.

A dealer-level diagnostic solution

The Autologic diagnostic software from Autologic Diagnostics Ltd, combined with brand specific Master Technician support, delivers a dealer-level diagnostic solution to independent garages, allowing them to work to the highest level and confidently specialise.


Confidence in coverage

Providing complete coverage of all the vehicle systems, unique functions of Autologic include coding and flash programming. These together with our features such as retrofits, conversions and fitment of aftermarket products, surpass the functionality of other diagnostic tools as well as some dealer-tool capability.

Software is continually improved and released by Autologic Diagnostic’s specialist software engineers to enable independent garage technicians to handle any fault quickly and proficiently with minimum delay and disruptions for customers.

Total independece

With the Autologic diagnostic solution, independent garages are professionally equipped to service and fix the faults demanded of today’s technically advanced vehicles whilst providing customers with an on-site ‘can-do’ service.

No more delays waiting for dealers workshop.
No more costs for dealers services.
To provide an enhanced and more cost effect service level for customers.

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Yr arbenigwyr tiwnio perfformiad blaenllaw yng Ngogledd Cymru. Darparu pob agwedd ar ddiagnosteg, tiwnio, paratoi a chynnal a chadw cerbydau.

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