AGT (Arwyn’s Garage Tuning) – Performance


Give your car the upgrade it deserves. Here at Garej Arwyn we are very proud stockists of the following performance components and services:


Scorpion has become one of the most popular upgrades amongst both tuning enthusiasts and racers alike. We are very proud to be an approved supplier of their exhausts. Enquire now!


Forever at the forefront of performance automotive. All of their products are created in the world’s toughest development lab: motorsport. They push the limits and reach new heights on track; then refine their products so they always give you the performance you need when you want it on the road. Enquire now!


Drawing from almost four decades of continuous research, development and technical expertise, their range of hand-finished exhaust systems continues to grow – fulfilling the demanding requirements of discerning owners for key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Alfa Romeo. Enquire now!

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