Autowatch GHOST-II

Next generation vehicle security with no subscription costs

Protection for your vehicle against key theft, hacking and key cloning

Undetectable to thieves and invisible installation

Simple to use, using existing buttons on your vehicle to enter a unique pin code

At Arwyn’s Garage, we are proud to be an approved Autowatch installer. Amongst the Autowatch range is the next generation in-vehicle security, the Autowatch Ghost-II.
Are you constantly worried that your pride and joy could be stolen? Does your vehicle have keyless entry? If so, your vehicle can be stolen without the need for keys in under 60 seconds. That’s why it’s time to upgrade your vehicle with the very best in aftermarket security.

The Ghost-II is the latest in the Ghost series and provides an effective solution to securing your vehicle. The market-leading system protects your car from key-cloning, hacking and even key theft and provides some much-needed peace of mind to owners. The Autowatch Ghost-II Immobiliser is the world’s first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser.

Having been recently verified by TASSA, the Ghost-II includes the latest in-vehicle marking systems that are commonly used by insurance companies across Europe which links to the International Security Register.

The system uses common buttons found within your vehicle, such as those on doors, centre console and steering wheel to create a unique, changeable PIN code that will become your disarm sequence. Your unique code must be entered before the vehicle can be driven. The code is very similar to a common smartphone security code but comes with additional options to increase the safety of your vehicle by allowing disarming sequences of up to 20 entries.

While the Ghost-II provides incredible levels of security for owners, it also comes hassle-free for owners with a new smartphone application. The application connects to your vehicle and allows you to enter the vehicle and drive away without the need to enter the disarm sequence. Two phones can be connected to the Ghost-II system for any vehicle. Just pair your phone to the Ghost-II system, leave it running and you can drive away securely and conveniently. However, remember that if your phone is in range and the application is running the Ghost-II will be disarmed.

The Autowatch Ghost-II comes with a fleet of features built to ensure the absolute best security for your vehicle, features include:

    • – Engine start blocking – The system is designed to stop your car’s engine from starting unless a unique personalised code is entered.
    • – Silent Operation – The Ghost immobiliser system will only communicate with your vehicle’s ECU unit through a specific CAN data circuit. This means that no one will know the device is there as well as being hidden with the wiring means it will never be found.
    • – No transmitted radio frequency signals – This means thieves cannot use complex RF scanning or code grabbing technology to detect the security system of your vehicle as it does not transmit any signals like the conventional systems.
    • – Uses the on-board CAN data network – The CAN data bus comes with a range of advantages including low risk during installation, the low probability for detection and enables placement of devices almost anywhere on the vehicle.
    • – Service / Valet mode means the disarm sequence is never compromised – Service mode allows the vehicle to temporarily start and drive without the need for the PIN code. The Autowatch Ghost-II will exit the service mode based on speed and time or by the owner entering the PIN code.
    • – Secure, unique emergency code should the disarm sequence be forgotten – If the PIN code is forgotten, the car is sold or a button is broken, there is a secure reset code for each vehicle.

– Protection from Key Cloning and Key Theft. – Thieves cannot add a new key or replace an ECU to bypass the Ghost-II systems to start the vehicle. Only the unique PIN code will enable the engine to start.

The system is compatible with a range of manufacturers including Audi, BMW, Porsche, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes and a wide range of modes. Click here to check if your vehicle is compatible with the Ghost-II system.

The Ghost-II features stop/start software compatible with smart phones. You can drive without entering the disarm sequence by enabling Bluetooth and connecting the device with your phone. App downloads are available free of charge from the App Stores below:

This next generation vehicle security device comes with a range of features to protect your car from key-cloning, hacking and key theft. The ghost works by allowing you to create a unique sequence on your vehicle’s buttons – for example, on your steering wheel, door panels, indicators or console. Your combination must be entered before driving the vehicle (similar to a PIN number) and can be up to 20 presses long to ensure maximum security. As the device can only communicate with the vehicle’s buttons and Bluetooth, this ensures that it cannot be cloned.

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